Situated in the eastern Aegean Sea, Rhodes brings together the best of the West and the East which is reflected in its monuments and archaeological sites. Explore the cobbled streets of the charming Medieval Old Town of Rhodes – a UNESCO World Heritage site – with the Palace of the Grand Masters; stroll at the Temple of Apollo, pay a visit at the acropolis crowning majestic Lindos, and head to the renowned valley of the butterflies for a walk at the unique park amid lush vegetation and flowing waters.

While in Rhodes, you cannot but notice its cosmopolitan atmosphere; you can sample local cuisine at elegant restaurants and drink cocktails at lively bars and clubs. If you are fond of tours, you can take daytrips to nearby islands or explore scenic villages. Don’t miss a walk up Monolithos hill to admire the panoramic views of the Aegean from the ruins of the fortress. You can find stunning beaches at the foothills for a refreshing swim afterwards.